Interior Design and Realization

by She Decor

Interior consulting, project and realization

This service is suitable for upcoming major or partial repairs with included zone and/or colour changes, furniture changes or overall vision of the residence.

With this service we will plan the space to the last centimeter to get your home the space you need.

We will plan your home in colour and zoning.

We will choose the most functional furniture or design them for you.

We will choose the materials used for the repair and we will budget the project to your possibilities.

With the interior and realization service, you get everything you need for the new look of your home.

Giving your home or furnishing a new look requires a lot of time, resources and knowledge.

We offer a service that will save you time and money and you will enjoy only the most pleasant part of the transformation of your home.

Through our complex service, you get a project where you will see your home as it will be when we realize it.

As a team that offers a complete realization, we guarantee that your project will be executed strictly and you will not need to pay for any additional copyright supervision using this service.

Upon completion of the project, you will receive a budget calculation on which your home is started.

Project implementation

Main stages

SHE Decor strives to offer its clients comprehensive services because we value your time and money. We offer the full range of services to turn your new home into your cosy home.


You can benefit from:

  • Preparation of a complete/partial/express interior design
  • Realization of repairs
  • Production of furniture by design
  • Electrical and plumbing installation redoing
  • Lighting
  • Delivery and installation of floor coverings
  • Production and installation of doors
  • Home automation
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Faience/granite tiles and all for the bathroom
  • Home appliances
  • Selection of furniture by our partners
  • Decoration
  • Cleaning after repairs

With our Turnkey Realization service, you receive exceptional service and a range of discounts. The advantages of this service are:

  • All activities are performed by our employees
  • Communication with one person all the time
  • You have a budget on your criteria
  • You have a working schedule available and you are aware of each next step
  • Short terms
  • Discounts on all partner items
  • We organize deliveries/loading
  • You have the opportunity for a consult – DRAFT BUDGET with our representative at the preliminary stage
  • You get a full set of documentation at the time of realization

You can take advantage of our Turnkey Realization service, whether you have an interior design or not.

If you would like to benefit from our Turnkey Realization service, please contact us:

Tel.: 0878 42 76 98

During the realization process, you get a schedule for the activities performed by all our teams, including supplies by our partners.

The whole process is coordinated by our specialists and you do not need to spare your time for anything but to enjoy progress.

Meanwhile, you take advantage of discounts from all of our partners and get everything you need for your home at preferential rates.

You do not pay for additional management of supplies and co-ordination of items from our affiliate network.

In most cases, the realization of a home from the project to the slippers does not take more than 90 days.

Periodically and after the completion of the site cleaning takes place.


You save time.

You save money with paying one contractor for everything.

You save money from discounts from our partners.

You get guarantees for the end result without paying for additional services.

You only contact a designer and a technical supervisor throughout the entire process.

Contact us

for more information or to request a quote.


Interior design and project implementation

START Design

32 BGN sq.m
  • Conceptual interior design
  • Colour designs Mood board Furniture designs
  • 3D visualizations (up to 10) Material Selection Partner Discounts Budgeting
  • Copyright supervision

BASIC Design

39 BGN sq.m
  • Conceptual interior design – 2 versions
  • Colour designs
  • Mood board
  • Furniture designs
  • Ceilings/lighting designs
  • 3D visualizations
  • Material Selection
  • Budgeting
  • Partner Discounts
  • Copyright supervision



57 BGN sq.m
  • Conceptual interior design
  • Colour designs
  • Mood board
  • Furniture designs
  • Ceilings/lighting designs

* Price for wet rooms 65 BGN/sq.m.

* The price of the project is such if there is a contract for realization by Style Build Group.

* The prices for the design activity are exclusive of VAT with a project by SHE Decor.

Customers requesting the “Design and Realization” service benefit from additional discounts from all external suppliers, partners of Style Build Group.

Minimum project value is 600 BGN without VAT

For more information, please contact us.