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We at She Decor know that every home is a symbol of personal style – a sanctuary that shelters your memories, desires and dreams.

It does not always look exactly as you would like and quite often it is not functional at all, but it is your place, which, although changed, must keep what makes it Your home.

We know how important this is for you and we strive to offer you a service that can accommodate everything that would turn your property into that dream home.

We strive to provide reliable advice and quality workmanship for the needs of your home. Our range of professional services includes all aspects of interior design, decoration, development, manufacture, repair activities and project management to help you realize your idea for your home.

Completed projects

Use the arrows to see the projects before and after renovation.
Интериорен дизайн Интериорен дизайн
Интериорен дизайн Интериорен дизайн

Renovation is a complex process and if not performed professionally there is a possibility that the investment will be too large or unjustified in time with the appropriate guarantees and quality of materials.

The preparation of a professional assessment and draft plan of mandatory activities, their evaluation, adding all additional activities and elements to shape the property in the desired look is the preparatory process in which all the details are specified, and only then it is proceeded to their implementation.

The preparation of a work schedule, the provision of specifications of the input elements and the provision of a quality guarantee are the final documentary components.

The whole implementation process is coordinated by us and at the end of the process our customers enter a completely finished home.

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If you want us to renovate your home, send us plans, photos and your views on the change and our colleague will contact you with details for the preparation of an offer.