Residential Interior Design

by She Decor

Interior design for your home

Your home is the place where you want to get home and be cozy and enjoy it. This, however, is not always the case. Even if at first sight everything is in place, there is something that is not enough.

This is because every home has peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages. Combined with the style of the home, they could be wiped off or intruded even further.

In addition to complete technical documentation, the interior designer aims to turn your home into your place. It will turn any disadvantages into advantages and create a home entirely in your own style.

Determined to transform your home, you should know that hiring an interior designer will save you not just the repetition of details errors but also time and money in the overall repairs.

In fact, the project cost is only 2-6% of the overall execution, providing you with complete documentation for building every detail in the home, including furniture.


The beginning is


Realizing the needs and tastes of each family member and achieving a common picture of future changes is the first step.

The next step is discussion and creation of designs in several versions of the reconstruction of the residence, including removal or reconfiguration of partition walls, modifications of windows and ceilings, electrical and plumbing installations, etc.

The next step is to specify which of the existing furniture will remain and what will be added. Changes are visualized in a schematic view.

The next one is 3D modelling – here you get a realistic design of your home in the already commented and approved schematic version. Such visualization is subject to several adjustments. Suggested modifications, furniture and textures are completely realistic, with the option of buying or designing.

By delivering the ultimate 3D visualization, you get a budget for the realization, whether it will be performed by us or an external contractor.


The second stage is


At this stage, all the detailed drawings necessary for the overall repairs are realized. Drawings are of exact size and layout, minimizing the possibility of an error in the execution of each stage, even by an outside company.

For each room you will have prepared:

ZONING PLAN – the new distribution of the residence including all the old elements that will be removed and all new ones with the exact dimensions and distances.

FURNITURE PLAN – the exact distribution of the furniture, with the exact dimensions and materials for making them.

SANITARY ROOMS PLAN – this plan offers you the right distribution of bathrooms, toilets and wet rooms with the plan of the plumbing of the premises.

WALLS PLAN – precise drawing with precise dimensions including all bearing and partition walls as described, as well as marking of gypsum plasterboard structures.

CEILINGS PLAN – a drawing with a constructive distribution of the suspended ceilings and decorations with lighting included.

LIGHTING PLAN  – a complete plan of illumination and hidden lighting.

EL.INSTALATION PLAN – a complete plan of the electrical installation with switches and wall plugs distribution included.

PLUMBING PLAN – includes a precise plan of the old plumbing and the new (repaired) installation with a drain installation included

WEAK CURRENT INSTALATION PLAN – a plan for the overall wiring for Internet and TV and telephone.

VENTILATION/HEATING PLAN – plan of the heating/cooling system (existing or new) with all modifications included.

WALL DECOR PLAN – exact drawing of the walls with the included method and materials for processing

FLOORING PLAN – a precise drawing with all floors, including precise area and necessary materials


 Interior design - residential interior
 34-56 BGN/sq.m
 Interior design - public interior
 42-64 BGN/sq.m
 Interior on-site consulting (without transport)
 80 BGN/h
 Interior consulting in an office with an appointment 70 BGN/h
 70 BGN
 Interior 2D design - 3 versions (up to 100 sq.m)
 750 BGN
 Interior 2D design (up to 100 sq.m)
 550 BGN
 3D visualisation
 25-30 BGN/sq.m
 12 BGN/sq.m
 E-book (color schemes, fabrics, etc.)
 250-700 BGN
 Wet rooms design
 65 BGN/sq.m

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