Online interior design, or e-design, is a novelty in the world of design.

The Internet has made e-design accessible to the masses and an affordable service that more people can benefit from. We believe that everyone’s home should be a place where you can feel inspired and excited to live your life. After all, this is at the forefront of your families’ memories. We think that if you are going to spend time and money decorating your home, it is good to do it right. You don’t have to live close to your favorite designer and have an absurd budget. So, if you are a person who appreciates good design and aesthetics and you want a home that inspires you, but you just need help to achieve this idea, e-design may be the right thing for you!

3 main differences between e-design and traditional full-service design


Full-service interior design that includes everything in the design process – from start to finish. The designer visits you, takes the dimensions of the premises, plans and designs the space based on your requirements and views, offers moodboards, visualizations, usually chooses unique and one-of-a-kind things to give your home a custom look that no one else has, for which, however, the time of delivery and implementation is extended from weeks to months.за което обаче времето на доставка и изработка се удължава от седмици до месеци. This is the nature of the business when working with full-service projects or when working with renovations.

Full service is a great option for you if you do not want to participate in the design process at all and do not want to deal with ordering furniture and all other items included in the project – you better leave it to the designer. If you do not like to decorate, but want a beautifully decorated home, full service may be a good option for you.


E-design services still include the same results as the full-service design, but the process is different.

First, you again work with a professional designer in order to create the overall design concept of your space, but everything is done online via email. The designer will select items for your home just as a full service designer would, but these will be specific items and goods that are easily available from those available on the market and in the store network. This means that the timeline is shorter, as most retail goods are in stock and ready to be shipped immediately. The main advantage of e-design is that you do not need to meet in person, which means that you can work with an e-designer, regardless of your location.

Second, the e-design process is usually much faster than full service and often only takes a few weeks. If you want fast and concrete results, e-design is definitely the way to go!

The third main difference between full-service design and e-design is implementation. Because the designer works practically with you, the customer orders the furniture and decoration online and installs the new elements in their home. If you love shopping online, and this is not a problem for you, then you will definitely enjoy e-design!

E-design is a collaboration between the customer and the designer. The designer works with specific requirements and wishes of the customer. E-design is a great option for you if you know what you like, but you just need help to get an idea of whether it would fit well in your home. You still want to participate in the process and order the items yourself, but to make final decisions, you need the guidance of a professional.

So to summarize, the 3 main differences between full-service design and e-design are the length of time needed for a project, the cost, and the fact that the implementation is done by the customer, not the designer. But if you don’t mind ordering online, shopping and unpacking your new purchases, then e-design can be a great option for making your home unique and inspiring!

However, if you decide, you can still take advantage of an additional implementation service, which we offer especially for our customers who do not have the opportunity to implement their e-design project in their home.

E-design makes interior design services accessible to all in a much more accessible way. Decorating your home should not be stressful. So, with a little help, it will be worth it after all when after a long working day you get home and you can just relax in your beautiful, cozy living room, and, of course, with a glass of wine in your hand 😉